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In wakesurfing there is a movement towards thicker profiled boards. This has a tendency to make the board ride higher on the water, have more drive up the wake, and create an easier ability to air off the lip. Ronix took their best selling shape and stayed with the standard thickness in the nose area for solid contact with the water, then gradually went thicker through the center to the tail of the board. The result is a high-end wakesurf board that can easily be ridden on small waves, and has the ability to air out on bigger wakes. The Powertail get its name from its super wide profile and combines the stable aspects of a Longboard, aspects of the bottom turn drive of a Thruster, and the ability to boost airs. The perfect option for riders looking for a stable shape that has the speed needed even with smaller boat wakes, and a new school shape for those high-end riders looking for added drive.


  • Machined EVA concave pads with arch support and extra tall tail kick
  • Ronix exclusive tooless Fin-S 2 system
  • Fiberglass cupped asymmetrical fins - 1 symmetric 3.5” and 2 asymetric 4.5”
  • Technora Construction