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A collaborative tri-fin project by Matt Biolos and artistic, innovative South African hand shaper, Donald Brink, now based out of San Clemente. Motivation for the project was Stab’s Electric Acid Surfboard test where the original asym shape was given a 5'3” size restriction and intended for use in the wide variety of waves on hand in the Maldives. The boys, knowing Mick’s power, skills and refined board knowledge, created a craft that would hit his volume sweet spot while packing in maximum motor, and would rail through proper arcs, fit into tight pockets and utilize both   flat faces and power sections... they won! For our symmetric version they went up to 5'4” as the base size and added a 5’6”, 5’8”, 5’10” and 6’ to open up the doors to everyday surfers like us who might want a bit more volume and paddle power but still want that mix of spontaneous freedom and power on rail that the board was created to manifest. Designed to be ridden finned up as thruster and effective much shorter than your standard shortboard (even your fish) choose a volume you can be comfortable with and push yourself to fit into new parts of the wave like Mick did.

Real world experience cheat code: It absolutely rips “fish sized” in small surf.

As Donald and our squad have experimented with surfing larger sizes/volumes of the Micks Tape in small to medium sized surf it has proven to be a magically fast loose performance groveler ripping as a thruster or in tri-fin variations in low to medium energy waves.

For large waves of consequence keep it true to the original design intent and ride it as short as you can paddle...


Lib Tech is dedicated to board riding and hands on high tech board building. We have spent a lifetime of surfing, shaping and working with alternative, high performance, environmentally friendly materials and constructions. Traditional surfboard construction has always felt too fragile and the build process is toxic and unhealthy for the planet and craftspeople. We know there had to be a way...


Mike Olson and our hands on craftsperson crew are constantly experimenting and working to improve our process and materials. The latest incarnation of our original ecoIMPACTO construction incorporates a new improved formula of our foam and refinements to our process that reduce weight and improve performance while retaining that “Dang Difficult to Ding” durability that relaxes your lifestyle, makes Lib Techs the best travel boards in the world and hold their value over time.


Length Width Thickness Volume
5’4” 19.5" 2.5" 30.7 cl
5’6” 19.9" 2.6" 33.1 cl
5’8” 20.5" 2.7" 35.9 cl
5'10” 21.0" 2.8" 38.6 cl
6'0” 21.4" 2.9" 42.1 cl