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Equipped with a lightweight Natural Cant Evo baseplate and a Light Frame Ladyfit highback, the Drake Jade women's snowboard binding is a versatile freestyle model offering a very contained yet robust weight. Well balanced between support and playability, it allows you to vary the rhythms while maintaining great ride comfort. The Light Frame Ladyfit rear support panel has a shorter and more rounded shape than a traditional highback, in order to adapt to the morphology of women. In addition to being light, its torsional flexibility gives it tolerance so as not to have to force too much on the supports. The straps are comfortable and provide good support without creating isolated pressure points for maximum comfort. In order to improve control without becoming too physical to ride, the baseplate is slightly angled. Ideal for an intermediate or confirmed snowboarder, it allows freestyle fun throughout the resort.

What are the main qualities of the Drake Jade White snowboard binding?