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The Contour Hybrid mix climbing skins have a unique adhesive layer that has several advantages in comparison with traditional hot glue climbing skins. These Hybrid skins are easy to use, have a strong hold in all temperatures, no need for skinsavers, are durable and easy to clean. This Hybrid Mix has a 65% Mohair and 35% Nylon ratio wich is the ideal combination of grip and durability.

The unique hybrid adhasive side is built from two technical layers that make a solid connection with inside surface of the climbing skin aswell as the base of your skis. This Hybrid technology offers many advantages. These skins will give you a strong hold even in the coldest circumstances and also after multiple tours on one day. These skins are also very easy to use and you will never have the need to replace the adhesive sides like you will need to do over time with traditional hot glued climbing skins. The Hybrid adhesive side is easy to clean so when you feel there is to much ski wax residue on the adhesive layer you can simply clean it and it will stick like new.

With these skins you will get a smart knife that cuts the edges of your skis free, a storage bag, a skin saver for long term storage and a micro-fiber cloth to clean and dry the base of your skis before you apply your skins.

The Hybrid technology from Contour is the first climbing skin adhesive consisting of two different layers. The first layer holds the skin in place on your skis even in the coldest circumstances. This layer also makes it very easy to remove the skin from the skis with leaving any sticky glue behind.

The second layer makes shure that this first adhesive layer has a strong and durable connection with the grip and glide layer of the skin. Durability is very important when you make serious tours in the backcountry. After years of use this adhesive side remains strong and sticky.


Medium: 161-168 CM

Large: 169-176 CM

X-Large: 177-184 CM

XX-Large: 185-195 CM