The high-quality Mixmohair is suitable for every terrain and every type of snow, offers longevity and a perfect grip - even with repeated ascents. FREERIDE does not only stand for maximum freedom, but also for a state-of-the-art skin structure: The proven KOHLA Fiberseal technology ensures a thin, yet very robust and completely waterproof skin, which thanks to its small pack size fits into any touring ski backpack.
The "Smart Glue" used in freeriding also offers maximum flexibility - the state-of-the-art adhesive ensures easy handling and easy detachment of the skins, even if you have to skin on and off several times a day. In addition,  our skin is not only suitable for every type of snow, but also for a wide variety of ski types.
FREERIDE is designed for extra-wide powder battens (135 mm).
The specially developed interchangeable clamping system also enables you to ski down with your twin-tip skis.
Maximum freedom for your ski tour!