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  • FIBERGLASS CONSTRUCTION + STRONGER, FLEXIER A modern take on traditional fiberglass skateboards commonly crafted by surfboard shapers using leftover fiberglass sheets in the 1960s/70s. Unlike yesteryear's counter-parts, this technically improved rendition uses a Fibercarve laminate construction that’s nearly indestructible.
  • TENSOR ALLOY STANDARD TRUCKS + GUARANTEED FOR LIFE Standard trucks typically used on models less than 34" long.
  • ABEC 7 BEARINGS + LESS PUSHING, LONGER ROLL Standard on every complete, Globe Abec-7 bearings spin faster and longer which means less effort and faster.
  • SUPER HIGH-REBOUND BUSHINGS + VERSATILE PERFORMANCE Our high-rebound 92a durometer bushings are used in a variety of shapes across the line to match the functionality of each board.
  • PERFORMANCE WHEELS + FASTER SMOOTHER GRIPPER Globeís high-rebound urethane formulas are abrasion resistant, smoother, faster, and provide excellent grip.