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The Globe Sun City 30'' cruiser features Revenge trucks which are allowing for a greater range of motion while maintaining enough stability to push like a normal cruiser. The Sun City 30'' complete is the perfect board for anybody looking to get a realistic surf-feeling for the streets.

Riding Style
A surfboard for the streets. The special construction of the trucks allows for extremely tight turns and simulates the movements on a surfboard in a very realistic way.

The typical old school shape with a short, pointed nose and practical kicktail still looks cool after decades. The gentle concave offers a secure stand. The cutouts on the deck under each wheel prevent unpleasant wheelbites and therefore tight turns are no problem.

Decks with Resin 7 construction are glued with epoxy resin instead of conventional water-based glue. This results in a lighter weight and features a better and longer-lasting pop. The soft wheels provide a very good grip and roll smoothly over any surface. The Abec-7 bearings spin faster and longer which means less effort and this enables getting up to full speed faster.