The Ronix Modello Skimmer Wakesurf Board makes popping off the water easier than throwing down a thumb ollie playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. This pure skimmer is super durable, with a removable 3-fin setup that tracks like an experienced surfer when you're too sick to do anymore tricks. Pick your schtick on the Ronix Modello Skimmer Wakesurf Board.

Construction and Materials

Modello  Look for that hip swaggering rhythm between rider and board on Ronix's most rock solid construction that is less prone to dings and brings more connection to the water.

Handmade by Robots  Every surfer Ronix makes removes human error. All cores are machined to exact specifications.

Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin  A high temperature resin used on all Ronix surfers, built to withstand Mother Nature’s extreme heat.

Compression Molded with Modello Wakeboard Durability


Skimmer  A board designed to sacrifice some top water momentum for a ride that has the most feel with the water, allowing the rider to surf more like they are on a wakeskate. Use a shallow fin or no fin at all because the board has so much natural grip.


4'10" Tip Rocker  2.3"


Hard Rail  High speed carves for riders that like to jump on the gas pedal.


2 Polycarbonate 2.3" Fins

1 Polycarbonate 2.9" Fin