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The Connelly Katana Wakesurf Board is the purest surf-style board in their lineup. Geared to attack the wake, the Katana features rounded rails in the tip for catch-free maneuverability while sharp rails at the rear provide power and bite. Add in a rigid Vector Net construction in the tail and 21 strand carbon taping down the center for ninja-like response and pop, and you'll see why those serious about shredding choose to unsheath the Katana.

Construction and Materials

Epoxy Construction  Surfboard shapers have been using this construction method for ages. It produces the extremely light, buoyant, responsive board that surfers love to ride. This type of construction allows for nearly any shape you can think up, the possibilities are endless.

EPS Foam Core with 5mm Stringer

21 Strand Carbon Tape


Surf Style  Surf styles use a multitude of rail shapes, board outlines, and fin setups to accommodate different riding styles and skill levels. There's more than one way to ride a wave and Connelly recommends trying them all.


Round Rails (Front)  For forgiveness, buoyancy, and to help the tip stay above the water.

Sharp Rails (Rear)  To provide power and bite.


2 Piece Grip-Lite EVA Pad

Additional Features

Vector Net

Center Channel in Tail