A weapon with two things on its mind: street and pow destruction.
The unique directional shape with slightly wider nose than tail combined with a medium/hard flex and centred Smooth Camber keep it floaty for pow while poppy and pressy for street.

This year it has been supercharged with the addition of a CARBON BAR making it more reactive while maintaining it’s flexibility. The slightly raised contact points makes riding onto rails really cruisy and catch free. An additional set of inserts have been added so bindings can be set for every preference. 

This toothbrush is packed with all the best tech Drake has on offer ready to bridge the enormous gap between Backcountry and Street snowboarding.
Bet you didn’t think that was possible did you? Well now it is! Meet the very last toothbrush you will ever need to own.

  • Directional twin
  • Sintra 8000
  • Carbon Bar Technology
  • Smooth classic