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Continuous innovation brings an unparalleled level of heat to the Furnace Ultra. The warmest wetsuit in the world, our top shelf mens wetsuit now features Billabong exclusive Furnace Graphene. Innovative new graphene wrapped yarns combine with carbon fibers for a wetsuit that is lighter, stronger and warmer for longer. The pinnacle of wetsuit technology, Furnace Graphene is 50% lighter than traditional hollow fiber liners and 200x stronger than steel. Made from upcycled car tires, the eco-conscious smart foam is topped with Airlite jersey, radically reducing both weight and wind chill. The incredibly efficient and ultra warm suit is topped with a Drymax entry system to keep water out and heat in. The ultra lightweight, high stretch and thermal retentive fabrics combine with 100% externally welded seams and a seamless back panel for the ultimate performance wetsuit. The 3/2mm mens fullsuit features a clean design with small logo hits at the chest, sleeve, leg and back.


  • Men’s 3/2 fullsuit.

  • The warmest suit in our line-up.
  • 100% coverage of the “World First” revolutionary Graphene plus thermal lining.
  • Airlite stretch neoprene.
  • Drymax chest entry system.
  • 100% welded sealed seams.