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Freestyle snowboarding in its most raw form, the redesigned K2 Happy Hour Snowboard returns to the roots of snowboard culture with a true twin shape and traditional camber baseline. Add in a smooth, playful flex that can be easily willed through greasy rail slides and buttery presses, and you’ll see why every hour on the K2 Happy Hour Snowboard is truly a happy hour.



Twin Camber – This is straightforward camber, nothing fancy. Lots of power in and out of turns. K2 has been doing this for 30 years and this is a perfected camber line that many of their pros have ridden over the years.

Tweekend™ – Tweekend™ is simply taking the rocker and camber profile of the board and extending that profile into the tip and tail. This allows you to use the whole board as stable platform for pressing butters, floating in powder and landing big hits.


Flex Rating – 2 (1 Soft – 5 Stiff)


True Twin – Symmetrical board for seamless regular and switch riding.


BAP Core – Three species of renewable wood are assembled to optimize strength, reduce weight, and enhance damping without the addition of other materials.


Ollie Bar – The Ollie Bar is a totally new approach to adding pop to a snowboard. Built in a pre-loaded cambered shape, it solves the concern that rockered boards don’t have the pop that cambered boards have. Strong ollies and pressing power don’t come from the tail alone. The backbone center section is actually more critical for smooth, even pressure. You have to try it to believe the pop.

Carbon Torque Forks – K2 keeps their carbon simple by placing it from the binding to the contact points of the board for a more responsive and stable ride.

Triaxial Glass – By adding diagonal glass to biaxial glass, a board has more torsional response and is slightly less forgiving than a biaxial glass board.

ICG 20 Glass™ – Integrating carbon into the fiberglass reducing overall weight and creating a super smooth release of power while increasing pop and liveliness. Each level of ICG is tailored for the rider at hand and their performance needs.


Sintered 4000 – This is the fastest natural base material available. It is exceptionally durable and absorbs wax deep into the pores of the material holding that well-waxed performance for as long as possible.


2 x 4 Insert Pattern