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This Freestyle/All mountain boot blends a classic design with outstanding technologies.

  • Thermo welded

  • Heel bumper


The boot laces pass through pre-curved lace loops which helps the lace minimize its friction. When the laces are pulled to close the boot, they are at the same time pulling the webbings where the lace loops are linked. In this way the webbings shrink around the ankle, increasing heel stability. The more the lace is pulled the more power will be transferred in the ankle area, increasing the heel retention performance and foot stability.


The new all mountain/freestyle Stamina soles are comprised of an EVA RP compound that makes the material more elastic and responsive than traditional options. With two grip areas, the Stamina soles are lighter than most alternatives because of the intelligently designed contact points maximizing grip and minimizing surface area.

Stifness: 6/10