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This Freestyle/All mountain boot blends a classic design with outstanding technologies.

  • Thermo welded

  • Heel bumper

Thermo Welding

We’ve been the first in the world of snowboard boot production working on Thermowelded Piping. This technology brings Northwave distinct advantages both in terms of enabling us to integrate different materials and maintain an ‘element beating’ seamless outsole. This is particularly important in the ankle zone where there is no interruption of the upper boot technology bringing you, the rider, and progressive support from the heel to the calf. The visible asymmetrical y differentiates the three zones: it provides a stronger support on the outside for increased control when pressing, buttering and spinning; more flexibility on lateral inner boot; and lighter still above.


The new all mountain/freestyle Stamina soles are comprised of an EVA RP compound that makes the material more elastic and responsive than traditional options. With two grip areas, the Stamina soles are lighter than most alternatives because of the intelligently designed contact points maximizing grip and minimizing surface area.

Stiffness: 6/10