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This all mountain boot has the soul to take the tough days of a true rider.

  • Heel bumper

Flex Window

The ability of creating a boot which is able to flex in a progressive way required years of studies, experience on the snow, and many laboratory tests. The Flex window enhances the comfort and mobility of the foot, and it perfectly represents the balance between the power of transmission and a progressive flex. The side parts of the collar area slide on the upper transferring the power in a constant way avoiding any possible overlapping between materials which could lead to a waste of energy.

Double Crossbow

Take the lightness and softness of a special EVA compound, mix it with the ultimate Double Crossbow system, then refine all with 4 different grip areas and you’ll get probably the best performing sole in the market! The new crossbow system provides a perfect balance of power transmission and cushioning. The particular design of the outsole is developed to allow maximum flexibility and the perfect feel of the foot.

Stiffness: 7/10