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Le Kojak est le casque Freestyle tout en coque ABS pour avoir une sécurité optimale. Afin de pouvoir mettre son bonnet en dessous, il est possible d’enlever la mousse à l’intérieur sans avoir les scratchs qui viennent se coller. Comme sur tous les casques Marker on retrouve : Les oreillettes amovibles déjà conçues pour acceuillir des système de sons. Le clip aimanté pour attacher et enlever le casque avec une seule main, tout comme le système de réglage de tour de tête.


Rotate to size – there’s no simpler way. The three-point construction on the rear of the head adapts to your personal head shape in seconds thanks to the adjustment dial. This translates not just into top wearing comfort, but also into a perfect yet pleasant fit. During a crash you want a helmet that sits just right and won’t slide around, giving your head true protection.


Clear vision and a cool head. The complex MarkAIR CHANNEL SYSTEM, used in all MARKER helmets, is the most advanced temperature regulation system available. It consists of a precisely calculated network of vent openings and air channels to combine the ventilation of the outer shell with interior channels of the EPS foam core. This allows the MarkAIR CHANNEL SYSTEM to literally “draw” the warm, moist air out of the goggles, “sucking” it along the air channels and out of the helmet to reduce significantly any fogging of the goggles. At the same time there is a constant and pleasant flow of air to cool the entire system and regulate it automatically. This ensures a cool head whatever the situation, without need for manual adjustments.


The AIR JAM CLIMATE CONTROL allows for regulation of the air flow using a waterproof, folding interior lining. When the openings are closed, they provide a warm and dry air cushion that is especially helpful in keeping the head from getting chilled on cold days. On warm days the vents can be unblocked to generate maximum airflow within MarkAIR CHANNEL SYSTEM.