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SOFTY 11.6

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Product Description

11′ 6 » 3D SOFTY

his is not just another soft top SUP. You will feel the benefit the high end features built into the 3D Softy. The new recessed deck sets you lower in the water for extra stability and better leverage. Channels on the tip of the board diverges water off the top of the board helping keep your cargo dry. The soft top provides comfortable traction for you and your four-legged friends and also gives you a large soft area for lounging or doing yoga.

Construction: EPS core with a soft top and hard bottom
11′ 6 » 3D SOFTY
Weight – 30.0 lbs.
Width – 33.0 »
Volume – 250 L
Novice Rider – Up to 290 lbs.
Experienced Rider – Up to 350 lbs.

Key Features:
Stable performance design and construction
Full soft top deck for comfort & tip-to-tail traction
Recessed deck
Wide design for overall stability
Board handle is centered and cupped for fingers
– Easy handling
– Less hand fatigue
Auto-Vent regulates air pressure in board
Coil leash
One 9 » glass filled nylon fin