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For all the Wonder Women, Batgirls, and Catwomen of the world, the FactionHeroine Skis were made to boldly transfer you over snow caps and powder pits. Whether you’re off to dismantle some sort of snowy obstacle planted by that villain, or just enjoying a day on the slopes, the Heroines are the essential ski. Featuring a medium flex, they’re the ideal all-mountain companion. With a 90 mm waist width, you’ll be able to rail hardpark without a problem, while the dual radius sidecut provides smooth turn transitions without hooking. Your new winter weapon awaits; the Faction Heroine Skis.



Rocker / Camber / Rocker – 300 mm of of rocker in the tip and tail, 2 mm of camber located underfoot.


Medium-Stiff Flex – 6/10 – Stable at speed or on big landings, but still playful enough to butter and press.


Dual-Radius Sidecut – Borrowed from world cup race skis, two different radii on the one ski – a tighter radius forward of the boot center coupled with a 20% larger sidecut behind – lets Faction increase the edge-to-edge responsiveness so you can carve short turns whilst retaining high speed stability and control through the tail of the ski.


Transition Zone Technology – Faction’s « Blended Transition Zones » use complex curve geometries where both positive/negative sidecut and where rocker/camber meet to make turn initiation fluid yet the whole ski more stable and controllable in all conditions.


Poplar/Beech Wood Core – Great hold on hard snow with a light and snappy feel.


Cap w/ Sidewall Tip and Tail Construction – Unbodily construction is slightly less expensive per ski, but complicated to setup. Still using wood cores the cap construction removes the sidewalls to save weight and materials. Rubber is used to dampen vibration and bond the base layers to the core.


Silkscreen PTEX 4000 Base – Sintered PTEX 4000 base material is more porous and holds wax better.


Gloss Topsheet – Thicker and harder than previous topsheets, IC8210 has a natural high-gloss finish which avoids the need for lacquer and helps the ski look better for longer. Better for the workers in the factory and better for the environment. A small but highly impactful change.

Art by Kay Flockhart


We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.