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No need for a newer boat when you can instantly transform the surf wake behind the boat you already own. New for 2017, the Wakesurf Shaper has a concave shape and is now available in a XL size.


The engineers and riders at Ronix forever changed wakesurfing when they brought the Eight.3 Wakesurf Shaper to market. This innovative product made it possible to drastically improve the performance of your boat’s surf wake. Direct drives. V-drives. We’ve tested the Wakesurf Shaper on hundreds of inboard boats and the results all say the same thing… this surf device is a true gamechanger!

Updated Design

Updated Design

New concave through the center and a more defined leading edge creates less drag for improved fuel efficiency and performance.

Evenly Weight Your Boat

Evenly Weight Your Boat

Fill all the ballast inside and let passengers sit freely throughout the boat. Gone are the days of piling everyone uncomfortably on one side of the boat.

Change Your Waves Shape

Change the Shape of Your Wave

When mounted further back, the wave becomes taller and steeper. Mounted further forward, the wave becomes longer and mellower.

Installed on Opposite Side

Install on Opposite Side

The velcro attachment makes it a quick, easy installation that can be easily removed and leaves no permanent marks on your boat.

Updated Veclro Attachment

Upgraded Velcro Attachment

New for 2017, Eight.3 added more velcro for improved hold and grip.

Eight.3 Wakesurf Shaper Deflector Performance Guarantee

WakeMAKERS Exclusive 30-Day Performance Guarantee

Does it work on my boat? How can something so small make such a big difference? What will my new and improved wave look like? All of these questions and more are answered with our exclusive performance guarantee, giving you 30 days from the date of purchase to get out on the water and test it out yourself.

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